Whether you are thinking about replacing a roof or installing a new one, Roofshield is trained and certified to install it.

We are equipped to offer Emergency roofing services for any project in eastern Ontario. We have worked alongside Ottawa's leading restoration companies.

Our materials and installations can be backed by a 10-year warranty.

The products we install such as Ice & Water Shield provide extended coverage agains snow and ice.

We offer a range of roofing and attic ventilation.

We offer a complete range of high-quality roofing products.

 We install all kinds of roofing systems and pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship.


The key to avoiding many roofing headaches is regular inspection and maintenance. This can help bring problems to light before they become more serious, and can extend the life of your existing roof and reduce roof-related costs in the long run.

Our inspection plans include:

  • Cleaning and disposing of normal debris on the roof (leaves, sticks, broken bottles, dead birds, etc.);
  • Dismantling and cleaning roof drains;
  • Tightening roof drain clamping rings;
  • Topping up plastic pans;
  • Repairing ridges and blisters;
  • Repairing wind-swept corners and exposed roofing membranes;
  • Securing and repairing loose or damaged metal flashing.

We offer caulk and sealant replacement services as needed, to maintain tight, water-proof seams.

Our annual maintenance plans include comprehensive fall and spring inspections, and various measures to keep the roof in water-tight condition.

We offer flashing and fastener inspections, to ensure all surfaces are securely and tightly fastened.


Our experienced and professional staff has the training, certification, and tools to repair your existing roof quickly and on budget.  We are totally committed to the protection and integrity of your roof.

Contact us today to arrange for an initial repairs assessment.

If sections of your roof are damaged or deteriorating from weather and wind, we can repair them.

We are fully qualified to repair leaks along skylights, chimney, roof drains, vents or elsewhere along the roof's seams and field.

In case of severe water leaks or other emergencies, we provide 24/7 around-the-clock repairs.